About VedasforLife

VedasforLife is a non profit initiative to promote the learning of vedas/ slokas in this internet era for disciples who are interested but do not have access to a Guru.

For all such aspirants the Guru is none other than God Sri Dakshinamurthy. It is observed with constant yearning and meditating upon the Sri Dakshinamurthy stotram, the Guru will present himself to that spiritual aspirant.

Unlike, other resources available over internet, this site helps aspirant in pronouncing the words correctly. Each word is carefully mapped to the right pronunciation. Click on the words! Adjust your learning with Slow Play and Normal Play speeds until you have perfectly mastered the stotram.

We are always open to feedback and please do use the contact form to reach us or send us an email at vedasforlife@gmail.com

We have been very careful to ensure there are no errors, however, in case you still find any, please do forgive us and thank you for brining to our notice, we'll correct immediately.